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Commitment to effective environment management

Hans Oversnow is committed to…

  • Ensure its vehicles and operations make the least possible impact on the environment
  • Comply with, or exceed, the expectations laid down by the latest NSW Government Environmental Management Systems Guidelines.
  • Establish and update a risk management plan for all routes, drop-off zones and commercial freight areas throughout the territory in which it operates
  • Adhere to a weekly checklist designed to ensure litter and waste services it provides have no impact on the environment.
  • Put in place work practices and procedures designed to avoid injury to fauna or damage to flora or to cultural or aboriginal heritage artefacts; and to restore or mitigate any incidence of injury or damage after seeking guidance from appropriate authorities.
  • Modify, maintain and operate its vehicles to minimise the impact of noise pollution upon users of the territory in which it operates.
  • Establish and adhere to a strict spill management plan designed to ensure the health and safety of workers and the general public and to prevent contamination of ground and storm water throughout the territory in which it operates; this plan to include weekly Inspections to ensure correct operation and integrity of all liquid systems in all operational vehicles.
  • Conduct training and weekly audits on staff, operations and processes to ensure all the above objectives and standards continue to be met.






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